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What’s the best way to promote a new mobile app?

In a recent article in Tec Crunch, Tai Ziv riased the question about whether it was better to incentivise downloads or rely on “natural” downloads to build the audience.

This is a real challeng for most entreprenneurs and a question well worth considering.   Organic customers usually cost less to recruit are are genuienly interested in your product.  However, the speed at which you recruit will depend on how you can get the word out.  For example, if you are a major airline with an app that helps your customers wich you can promote on your booking site and on each e-mail you send, then organic may well be the way to go.  However, if you are a startup with no name recognition and no customer base, you probably need to look at some sort of incentivised acquisition strategy.

Another factor worth considering is that there is a huge benefit to getting early downloads both because it can help your position in app stores and because most apps work better if there is a larger user base forming a community.   When in doubt, budget generously for download incentives and user acquisition.

See original article:
What’s Better? Incentivized Or Non-Incentivized App-Install Campaigns

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