How to make a good first impression on your users

I liked this article from Scott Belsky that talks about the importance of the first 15 seconds of interaction with new users.  According to him, the keys are;

  • Demonstrate the benefit of engaging clear even before users engage with the product,
  • Make using your product “share-worthy” so user look good when they talk about you,
  • Deliver immediate benefit to reward the engagement to keep them hooked.

Check out the whole article here:

The First 15 Seconds

How do you build a product that engages a user quickly enough to engage them over time?

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Native vs Hybrid (continued)

A few weeks ago, I posted on the trade-offs between native, hybrid and responsive approaches to mobile development.    A recent article by Roi Kraus in Techcrunch delves deeper into the subject.  His conclusions are:

  • Choose hybrid which is faster and cheaper to execute if you don’t need native functionality,
  • Go native if you need to use extensive communication, access lots of data or use many of the phone’s onboard components (like graphics, GPS, etc.).
  • If you go native focus on one platform first to avoid managing multiple developments simultaneously,
  • Focus on user expectations rather than business needs in choosing which way to go.

See the whole article here:  From Native To Hybrid App Development And Back

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Are feature requests really UX issues?

Recently, I wrote a post about the perils of customisation and feature requests. Just saw this cool article on @Invisionapp that points out that many times, customisation requests are really caused by poor UX. The customer simply can’t figure out how to do what he needs to do easily, even if your software actually could allow it.

Its worth taking the time to understand the underlying motivation behind these feature requests to see if its not just a problem with the way your service makes some features available.

See the original article: Integrating feature requests without destroying your product

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